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Change Is In the Air, Mallory

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Hi Everybody,I don’t know about you, but change is always hard for me and Mallory feels the same way.  It’s the summer after fourth grade and so much is changing in Mallory McDonald’s life. Mary and Joey move off of Wish Pond Road and Chloe Jennifer is gone for the summer. What will Mallory do without her friends around? And when something happens to her cat, Cheeseburger, Mallory really has a lot to handle.  I hope you’ll all read Change Is In The Air, Mallory and let me know what you think!

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman

Change Is in the Air, Mallory

Red, White and True Blue Mallory

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Hi Everybody,

Are you following the upcoming presidential election? If so, you know there is never a dull moment. Who will be our next president? Your guess is as good as mine. Come November, Washington D.C. is going to be a very busy place.  If you want to read about what makes our nation’s capitol so special, pick up a copy of Red, White and True Blue Mallory.  Mallory goes on a trip with her fourth grade class, and just like the upcoming election, there’s never a dull moment!

Have fun reading!

Talk to you soon,

Laurie Friedman

Red, White & True Blue Mallory

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