Mallory’s Super Sleepover

Hi Everybody!

I hope you all had a fun and delicious Thanksgiving!

Thanks to all of you for all the great mail!  Special thanks to Selena, Taylor, Ashley, Grace, Kayla, Emily, Evie, Julianna, Mary Catherine, Jane, Suhani, Ashley, Sajidah, Erika, Prasanna, Jennifer, Sophia, Lena and Ameera.  Thanks for being such amazing Mallory fans and readers! 

Lots of you have asked about the newest Mallory book.  It’s called Mallory’s Super Sleepover.  It’s about the party Mallory has to celebrate her 10th birthday.  Some things go the way she had planned and some things don’t.  I hope you’ll all read it and let me know what you think.

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman


11 Responses to “Mallory’s Super Sleepover”

  1. Lizzy Says:

    I have read all 16 Mallory books. I love Mallory! I have a brother just like Mallory…annoying, inconsiderate to my best friend, and older than me. I want to know when Colleen will have the baby. Will this be in your next book? When will the next book be done? I can’t wait!

  2. olivia Says:

    love the books!!!!!!!!! especially Mallory on Board!!!!!!!!!!! by the way my brothers and my dad loved the guide. and between you and me i think it actually helped them.. lol ok well got to run. talk to ya later

    p.s. i

  3. brittany Says:

    i love your books they are amazing !!!!!!! :)

  4. anushka Says:

    i am a fan of mallory i love all her books! mallory books are my faviorate books ever

  5. anushka Says:

    i hope i can meet mallory! laurie b friedman you’re gr8

  6. Evie Ellstrom Says:

    Hi! Evie is here again:) I just want to say again that I love your books! I have read so far (I know that I’ve read a lot and probably will forget some)- red white and true blue Mallory, Mallory on the move, happy birthday Mallory, heart to heart with Mallory… I have to say that Heart to Heart with Mallory is just like what I do with my friends- talk about what is on our minds. I think it makes us feel better. Right now I’m reading In Business with Mallory and I am on page 62. I want to say again that I LOVE your books!!! Love, Evie
    PS I look just like Mallory- short redish, brownish hair and am almost 9. …ok- now, Love, Evie:)

  7. Evie Ellstrom Says:

    Hi! I want to ask you a couple of questions. What is your favorite book? Don’t say Heart to Heart with Mallory because I heard that is your fav. (fav. is favorite) I mean like some of your fav.My favorite book so far is In business with Mallory or Happy b-day Mallory. And another question, how many books have you written? I know you wrote a lot of books. Oh, anyway I finished In business with Mallory! I was on page 62 and there is 159 pages in the whole book! That is how much I LOVE your books! O.K that is all I have to say. From your biggest fan, Evie

  8. Evie Ellstrom Says:

    Hi, again. I know i have giving you a lot of notes so far, i hope thats not annoying to you:( I been so, so, so into your books, i’m on page 100 and i just started that book today!!!And I’m reading Step forth, Mallory and I read Red, white and true blue Mallory, and that spoiled there trip:( But who cares.:) Anyway, Mallory is just like me! The only thing that is not the same is that I don’t have a cat( I have a dog) and I have two brothers, but it’s pretty much the same. O.k thats it. From, Evie

  9. Tiffanni Says:

    Hello, I looooooooooove your books!

  10. Prasanna Says:

    Can’t wait until i read the next latest book “Oh Boy Mallory”!. It will be good as the other ones!

  11. Prasanna Says:

    the new book will be a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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