To all my great Mallory fans!

Hi Everybody,

I just want to thank all of you for being such super, amazing fans!  I love all your letters and I’m so glad you all like reading about Mallory.  Special thanks to Kayla, Brianna, Denisse, Lauren, Vivi, Annemarie, Mallory (great name!), Emily, Chloe, Emilia and Maraila for your sweet letters.

Mallory wanted to know how Mallory McDonald got her name.  The answer is that I almost worked with someone named Mallory.  I liked her name so much, I decided to use it.  And I picked one of my favorite restaurants for Mallory’s last name.  I also like the way Mallory McDonald sounds. 

Hope that answers your question!

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman

8 Responses to “To all my great Mallory fans!”

  1. sophia Says:

    Hi Ms.Friedman,

    I’m a huge fan of the Mallory series.I would want to read all of them but the book store and library does not have all of them.Anyway I just adore you and your fantastic books.Thanks for writing them,I hope I could read all of them someday.

    Your Fan,
    Sophia An

  2. Jennifer Says:

    HI HI HI! I LOVE YOUR MALLORY BOOKS. There so cool! My friend and I think that your so awsome. My fvorite characters are MALLORY, MARY ANN, and Joey. (Winnie and Max). I love Cheesebuger and Champ.

    P.S H.Y.R.B. (short for hope you right back)

  3. Suhani Ravani Says:

    Dear Laurie Friedman,
    I am the biggest fan of yours. I love every single one of you Mallory books. I have written to you in the past as well. And when you replyed I was extremely happy!! What is your next book going to be???


  4. Julianna Says:

    Hi My Juliiana

  5. Julianna Says:

    I love your books

  6. Evie Ellstrom Says:

    Hi! My name is Evie. I am 8 years old. I LOVE your books, because my brothers are annoying too! And your books tell me that someone gets me! I KNOW what Mallory is feeling. Mallory is feeling sad, mad, annoyed, and sometimes very very happy. Anyways, I read the books “Mallory vs. Max”, “Mallory Back to School”, and I am almost done with “Heart to Heart with Mallory”. And I asked my mom to buy “Mallory’s Super Sleepover”! I hope my mom says yes. Awesome books!!!!!!! Your friend, Evie

  7. emily Says:

    Hi my name is emily and i just wanted to say i LOVE your books!!!1

  8. ishta jain Says:

    I have read these books for the first time. So far I ….. love it ! The book I am reading is Back to School, Mallory . I love to read ,too! But why did you what to be so many things and know you are just one of them ? Oh , and be for I forget I went to a new school ,too ,but I went in 2nd grade . Love , ishita ,3rd grader

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