Mallory’s Super Sleepover

Hi Everybody,

First, big, huge thanks to all of you who have been writing to tell me how much you love reading the Mallory books.  Special thanks to Marquerite, Cherrylilia, Tammy, Zaineb, Tiffany, Prajanna, Hannah, Allie, and Ruth for all your great letters!

Lots of you want to know when Mallory’s Super Sleepover will be available and the answer is that it already is!  Just go to your local bookstore or library.


I hope you have fun reading it!  I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman  

13 Responses to “Mallory’s Super Sleepover”

  1. Maraila Marasigan Says:

    Did you get my mail yet?

  2. Mallory Brune Says:

    Laurie i am so excited about your new book all my frieds are telling me it is super super super good cant wait tell i get it :)

  3. Brianna Says:

    Hi, i really love the mallory books they are amazing, fun, creative, and very alike my life. Instead i have a sister and not a brother so its kind of different in a way. i hope you keep on writing Mallory books because me and all of my friends including this girl named Mallory (one of my best friends) love reading about Mallory’s life so if you stop making these series of books we might be mad but probably not me because i am a huge fan of you and your books so in a way i will be mad and in all of the ways possible i will be sad for sure

  4. Erika Says:

    Oh my mallory is just like my best friend morgan she has a brother with brown hair she has red hair they act the same and i am like mary and but without joey in the family and my sister is older but my mom didnt get pregnat my sister did i love you books and our school library has them but i cant get them any more because the librarian says there to easy for me but i am inulecualy gifted but i still like them

  5. Jane Jo Zebra Says:

    Hi my name is Jane. I love all the Mallory books! MY FAVORITE! When I find “Mallory’s Super Sleepover”, I will totally read it.:) I REALLY hope you keep writing these books. They don’t really relate to my life. But they could! BYE.

  6. Mary Catherine Says:

    Hey, Hey, Hey!!! I totally want to read Mallory’s Super Sleepover!!! It looks so so so fun to read!!!!!!!! I can’t wait! Oh by the way, My sister and I are making a Mallory Movie with our friends. We will send you a copy of it when we are done!!!!!! I really want you to see it!!!!!!!! I really don’t want you to stop writing Mallory books, hey are sooooooooo awesome, I Luv Luv Luv them!!!!!!!!

    Keep writing,

    Mary Catherine

  7. Mary Catherine Says:

    I meant to put “they” when I said they are soooooo awesome, sorry. Haha.

  8. emily Says:

    hi i really like your books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ashley and Grace Says:

    Hi Laurie,

    We love the Mallory books! We check out all of the Mallory books at the Library together! Grace is just like Mallory & so is Ashley! We want to meet you sometime! It would be great 2 meet Mallory too! We hope to read another book of yours!

    Big, huge, hugs and kisses,
    Ashley & Grace

  10. Taylor Says:

    I love Mallory books!

  11. Selena Says:

    Hey Laurie! I love ur books!

  12. Tszpui Says:

    I love that book inquires great skills for me to write a story

  13. Prasanna Says:

    Hello Ms.Friedman. I LOVE MALLORY’S SUPER SLEEPOVER!! This book was just for me because Mallory turned ten and i am going to be ten! I wonder what other books you will write. Also my friend read your books and she loved it! she said she wants to read more! P.S, Have a wonderful Christmas!!!! Bye!

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