Back to School!

Hi Everybody,

Backpacks.  School supplies.  Schedules.   It all equals one thing and that’s “back to school.”  It’s almost that time of year.  I hope you all enjoy the last few weeks of summer and if you do start to think about going back to school, check out Back to School, Mallory.  You can see what a new school year has in store for Mallory. 

Back to School, Mallory

Have fun reading!

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman

11 Responses to “Back to School!”

  1. Allie Says:

    You know what come right after school starting?! Halloween!! I supper want to be Mallory this year and my BFF is going to be Mary Ann! But we need costumes!!! Have any ideas?

  2. unavailable, look at the p.s Says:

    hey hey hey Laurie Friedman, i’m zaineb your #1 fan. i have been reading mallory books for two months now, and i really like them. you are a fantastic writer, so YOU BETTER not let it ware off, instead use your fantastic talent by writing more books ( if it is not a bother )
    now about mallory, she seems so so so cool, i mean her life seems wonderful i was wondering, was your life the same?—–( in other words)
    what ever happend to mallory, did that happen to you,? if yeah than your lucky,!!!!

    um laurie, when you were a kid, did you use to say things three times too? cause it is a great idea, in fact i started to do that ever since i read about it from mallory!!!

    if your planning to write more mallory books,…….. here is a hint,
    why not have a new charector, maybe a new little sister for mallory which may make mallory jealous because her little sister will suddenly grab everyone’s attention from mallory…..
    once again im a huge fan,
    so keep the spiret
    and good luck for….
    anything that you like—hh :)
    big, huge, hugs and kisses zaineb
    p.s can you come up with a cool e-mail name for me
    p.p.s something nice and cool like what you gave to mallory-… malgal
    p.p.p.s one last question, why is marry-ann chatter box if she does’nt really talk a lot oh well
    p.p.p.p.s may you e-mail me at

  3. zaineb - again Says:

    hey hey hey laurie,
    it is me zaineb again when i finished my last comment, i thought:
    why not make a new t.v show all about mallory, her friends, and her family. everything (and more) about the book can be in the show, oh and if you need some help or some ideas just e-mail me at——–that is IF YOU EVEN NEED HELP, i mean your so so so smart!!!!!1 any way, please please please consider my idea?!!!!!???!!!!!????!!!!
    big huge hugs and kisses, zaineb
    p.s make a movie
    p.p.s Make A Movie
    p.p.p.s MAKE A MOVIE

  4. Emilia Says:

    Laurie Friedman i am probaly your biggest fan. You are the best author ever!!!You inspired me to wanna be a author. Now i really wanna be a author.ive done 6 books alredy i did them all in 3rd grade.their names are:If you give isabella popcorn,the day i “lost” isa’s ruler Megan the best mom in the world and Stuck in pluto,your my very own heroe,besides santa thankyou so much for inspiring me. Im not sure if you remember but you were a special guest in my old shcool Key Biscayne k-8 center and i was soooooo exited to hear your voice i bought two of your books:Mallory goes green and Happy birthday, Mallory write now im reading campfire mallory wich i already read but i liked it soooo much that i decided to read it again!! i cant wait to buy the books:mallory’s guide to dads boys and cats (im sorry i dont know if thats the exact order:D ) i also cant wait to read yor new book ” Mallory’s super sleepover and mallory’’s spotlight ive read the rest of them.well i wish you good luck bye!!

  5. Denisse Says:

    Dear Laurie:

    I need to do a school project about the book Back to School Mallory, I hope that you can help me because I need to convince other people to read the book! I think that is going to be easy because that book is awesome!

  6. lena Says:

    i like your books when are you doing to write one about chrimas

  7. Prasanna Says:

    Dear Laurie Friedman,

    I can’t wait to read Mallory’s Super Sleepover! I just love your books! Your books inspire me to do so well in my writing in school! I hope you write more Mallory series!

    From, Prasanna

  8. Ashley Says:

    I have read Mallory On the Move in 2 days. And I am NOT kidding! When I went to Mallory, I took every quiz and got 5 out of 5 in EVERY one! In case u don’t believe me, I am so sad that I didn’t get a gold star. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS 2 MUCH 2 STOP READING!!! I actually am in 3rd grade and I write stories every day when I wake up. You inspired me to write some stories and books 2!
    Your biggest, biggest, biggest fan,

  9. Ashley Says:

    Do you have an email? If u do tell me. U r probably annoyed that I am asking 2 many questions.

  10. Kayla Says:

    Laurie Friedman its kayla I am about to read Back To School Mallory. I already Read The Back cover it looks like a good book. I can not wait to read it. It might be my Fave book right now my fave. book is all of them they are all so good I can not decide.Hopefully I also have time to read Mallory Goes Green and Red, White, and True Blue Mallory.Then…..(okay Im just Reading All of your Books).So………………. Laurie try yourhardest to right back tommorrow im (Mrs.Lundgrens class) going on a field trip to the art institute of Chicago. to bedocent of art work or what im me, chloe, sam are doing American Windows.By:Marc Chagall it looks A-W-E-S-O-M-E AWESOME WOW!! Bye PLEASE RIGHT BACK,Kayla

  11. Kayla, Says:

    I its kayla.I am reading step forth mallory and my friend annemarie is about to start reading Mallorys super sleepover. she siad that it suonds awsome and that you are her favorite author.I have to go.bye

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