A Valentine’s Day Contest!

Hi Everybody,

One of my favorite holidays is right around the corner . . . Valentine’s Day!  And I’ve written a new book to celebrate such a special and fun day.  It’s called Ruby Valentine Saves the Day!  I hope you will all read it. 
Ruby Valentine Saves the Day
Speaking of saving the day, there’s a little girl I’d like to mention who has done a lot to make Valentine’s a special day for many people.  Her name is Carly Glomstad and for several years she has collected money and put together gifts and goody bags for people in her community who might not be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

She came up with the idea after reading the first book I wrote about Valentine’s Day called, Love, Ruby Valentine. 
Love, Ruby Valentine
Like Ruby, Carly wanted to give to others.  You can read about Carly at her website by clicking here

You can also be part of a contest!  Just do something nice for someone on Valentine’s Day and let me know about it on my blog.   I will pick a winner (or maybe two, or even three!)  based on what you’ve done.  I’ll announce your name on the blog and describe what you’ve done.  AND . . . I’ll send the winner(s) a signed copy of Ruby Valentine Saves the Day.  All you have to do is something nice for someone else and tell me about.  It’s that simple!

Have fun and happy early Valentine’s Day!

I can’t wait to hear from all of you!

Laurie Friedman   

7 Responses to “A Valentine’s Day Contest!”

  1. Mariyah Says:

    Hey Miss, Freidmen! My name is Mariyah and i’m 12 years old. I love,love,love your Mallory books! And I can not wait to read you newest book! I really hope I can do somthing nice for someone and win the contest! My little sister Lydiah loves your Ruby book! Mabey she’ll love this one to!. Well I got to go do some school!(i’m homeschooled)
    Yours truley,
    Mariyah .R.A.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Hi Miss Freidman! Im Sarah and 10 years old. You’re book looks really great!! I cant wait to read it!! Even though its March, I still want to read it! Ive been waiting fora new book to come out for like ever!! {What seems like forever anyway(:} My mom says these books are wayyyyyy to easy because i finish them in a few hours….But I dont listen to her!! Reading your books is like watching T.V.. (Thats a good thing)

  3. Annie Says:

    Hi there! I’m Annie and I have to say, I have read almost all of the Mallory books and read them in one day because I loved them so much. Now that I’m older though, and I know you’re such a great author, I was hoping you could make some books for tweens or teens to enjoy with maybe more mature storylines. I hope you take my advice and thanks!

  4. Kayla Says:

    Hi,Laurie Its Kaylaright Now Im Reading Red White andtrue blue mallory so far its a good book right now its my fave!!:)

  5. annemarie Says:

    I,laurie me and my friends love your books! Youare my favorite auther. I am reading mallory vs max.

  6. salome Says:

    OMG yoour books are awsome i love them !

  7. barbara and bella Says:

    hey we love , love , love u and your books they are so so so awsome they are the best we are waiting to get our hands on the newest books keep up the good work and i hope u keep making all these wonderful books love ya sooooooooooooooooo much engoy your books
    ps: we think ur really pretty lol

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