Answers to your questions!

Hi Everybody,

I hope you all had great holidays and that you’re getting back into the swing of things . . . especially the school thing!

Lots of you have written in and asked some great questions.  Here are some answers:

Sophia asked where she can find the Mallory books.  The answer to that is at any bookstore (if they don’t have them, they can order them), any online bookseller, or at your library. 

Jelbean asked if the Mallory books are based on my childhood.  That is a great question and the answer to it is partially.  I write about a lot of things that happened to me when I was growing up.  But I also like to write about things that happen to my kids and to their friends.  And of course, I love imagining all of the things Mallory might do!

Lots of you asked how to send snail mail to me and here’s the answer:  Just write to Laurie Friedman, c/o Lerner Books, 241 First Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401.

I hope to hear from you all!  Keep reading!

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman

15 Responses to “Answers to your questions!”

  1. Esha Says:

    hi ms.Laurie.I wanted to ask you a question. what book are you making now?

  2. Sidney Says:

    Hi Laurie,I’mSidney!I have always wanted to meet you! your books are great!I have read 12 of them!Do you have any latest books?Ihope you do.

    hi la

  3. Allie Says:

    Hey Laurie!

    For school i have to do a solo act and one of our options is to read a chapter of a book that shows a lot of emotion! I really wanted to choose a Mallory book because they are my favorite! But i don’t know which one to choose! Can you please help me! I need your help to find a chapter in a book with lot’s of emotion. What chapter in what book do you think has lots of emotion? Please let me know asap!

  4. Sophia Says:

    Thank you so much.
    But guess what! My Cousin just gave me 8 Mallory books including book 3. Now I am reading it and I am so happy!

  5. Kayla Says:

    Hi, Laurie its Kayla I like just finished reading heart to heart with mallory its awesome like you!!!!:)Isaw you wrote a new book Mallory guide it looks intresting I’m might go to the library and get it but only if I have time….so I’m gonna try to read more of your books….but I have to read some B.O.B bob is battle of the books

  6. annemarie Says:

    hi,laurie it’s annemarie. I love your books.I finished reading happy birthday mallory.It is a good book. I liked the part where mallor y cuts off her bangs. When I am older I’m going to be a writer just like you.You are my faverite auther. Theb next mallory book I am going to read is mallory vs max. It looks like a good book.

  7. delana Says:

    i love your books!!!!!!!!!! they are the best books i have ever read!!!!!

  8. Casey Says:

    Hi! My name is Casey! I LOVE reading the Mallory books and so does my cousin! :) I think the Mallory books are good for learning how to solve problems since she has problems a lot. :) I LOVE MALLORY!! Thanks for writing these books Mrs. Friedman!

  9. Colleen Says:

    hi will there be any more mallory books because they are amazing!!!

  10. Lilli Says:

    I wanted to know where you got the name “Mallory” from?……And why?

  11. Caroline Says:

    Hi! You have very great books. Normally, I don’t really like to read. But when my mother picked the book out for me, it was really fun to read it!

  12. Nicky Hoover Says:

    Hi Laurie!!!!
    I am your biggest fan EVER!!!!!!
    I LOVE the Mallory books!!!
    but I have an idea……what if you made a Mallory MOVIE!!!!
    your books are very good so why not a movie????
    you could have auditions for Mallory or even do animation …. whatever you want!!!
    I think it would be a BIG hit
    Who’s with me?

  13. annemarie Says:

    I laurie,I love your books!Me and my friends love your books

  14. Laura J. M. Says:

    Hey Laurie, Mallory and Mary Ann!
    I was wondering if you could still right the Mallory books but at a higher advanced reading level so I could read the books for school. I love the books sooooo much but its just too easy for me to read for school.
    - Laura :)

  15. Felicia.G.Hollinden Says:

    Hi Laurie! Your Mallory books are AWESOME! I am reading Mallory on the move! I love the part when Mallory has the party!
    Ps. I love how Mallory always says ps at the end of her letters.


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