Playing favorites!

Hi Everybody,

Thanks to all of you who wrote in to let me know which Mallory book is your favorite.  I especially like Suhani’s answer . . . she said she likes all of them! 

Special thanks to Anne Marie, Kayla, Gabi, Chloe, Sanjana, Mallory, Alexis, Samantha, Prabhleen, Jino, Courtney, Mallory M., Caitlin and Carter for all the nice mail.

Keep reading and if you haven’t seen the latest Mallory book,  Mallory in the Spotlight, check it out!

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman

Mallory in the Spotlight

13 Responses to “Playing favorites!”

  1. Carter Says:

    Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or could it be?! Laurie B. Friedman mentioned me AGAIN in her blog. BEST day ever! I got all the Mallory books lined up in order on my shelf…I noticed something though Mallory Goes Green and Mallory in the spotlight are both labeled 14… interesting. I don’t care though, but I hope you write me back soon, I sent you an another letter, hope you write back. Keep writing, (NOW PLEEEEEEEEASE) :D I lOVE YOU C:
    I hope hope hope you reply-
    Carter Cool

  2. Mallory B. Says:

    O.M.G! I was sooo excited when I got my first Mallory book. I got happy birthday mallory on my birthday. I haven’t read all all them yet, but I’m working on it.My favorites are in business with Mallory and honestly Mallory. I think every Mallory book teaches poeple a very important lesson. Like honestly Mallory tells you that if you start a little lie it can turn into a bigger lie in a matter of seconds. I love your books.

  3. Carter Says:

    I got your letter back! I feel so silly sending you ANOTHER letter, but if you would like to know, that is one of the best things I ever got…EVER! I screamed out loud and jumped for joy. Hope you at least liked the suggestions I gave in my second letter. I put the sticker you signed in the first Mallory book I got 5 years ago, Mallory On The Move! I admire you letter everyday and think of how nice it was for you to write me back.
    Write on!
    Carter your #1 fan

  4. Harjot Says:

    Hi Laurie,
    I just finished Mallory on Board, I loved it!
    It was like related to my life, and that makes me want to read more books!
    I like how you always keep in touch with your readers, So happy, that I found this website,and all my friends at school are in loved with you, even some boys LOL.
    Well, goodbye,
    PS:can’t wait to read Mallory in the spotlight!
    PPS:I love letters too!

  5. kalila Says:

    i have read:heart to heart mallory,back to school mallory,mallory on the move,happy birthday malloryand right now i am reading mallory on board i luv all of them i wish 2 b able 2 read all of them they r so good,my 2nd fav books r katie kazoo books they r all good i luv mostly all books!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ashley Says:

    I loveeeeeeeeeeee you books. Right now I am reading Step Fourth,Mallory.I am on page number 109.I just love it so far. I look to the nest book you make. (ps. I read red white and ture blue Mallory.

  7. Brandi,Kayla,Annemarie Says:

    Hiiiiiiiii,Laurie how have you been today? We been talking about you soo much that Mrs.Lundgren would keep saying what are you girls talking about and we would say Laurie Fridmen the best author in the world!!! We alll loveeee your boks soooo much that when we go out to recess we all will start talking about you and if somebody does not know who you are we start freaking out and start saying who does not know laurie fridmen. Then when we go out! We just loveee you are the best!!! Do you have any children or animals!!! How old are you CHILDREN AND PETS IF YOU HAVE anY?????? You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. victoria Says:

    u make good books they r realy good PS.NICE PICTURE

  9. Kayla Says:

    Hi,Laurie its Kayla I love your books . I like Honestly Mallory the most just because its good i dont know why ?It is a awesome book!:)so thats all i have to say so please rite back soon.From:Kayla have a awesome Christmas!:)(:

  10. victoria Says:

    I love your books and I like the cat cheesebuger she is so cute and I am going to start another one . I can’t wait to read another one of your gaet books PS NICE PICTURE

  11. Elaine Says:

    I so,so,so can’t wait to see Mallory in the Spotlight,Laurie!I am waiting forward to see Mallory in the Spotlight,Step Fourth Mallory,Campfire Mallory,Happy Birthday Mallory,Mallory vs Max,Back to school Mallory and Mallory on the move.I do,do,do love your books,Laurie!!! Talk to you soon!

  12. Riyaq Says:

    I want to write to you….. but I don’t know how to because I don’t have your address,your city, etc. I love, love, LOVE your books! I am reading step fourth, mallory right now.

  13. Riyaq Says:

    Hello!! I love your books!!! I finished reading Step fourth, mallory a few days ago……..and I can’t wait to visit the library again to check out even more Mallory books!

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