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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Hi Everybody!

I want to wish all of my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Today is the day not only to eat lots of yummy food, but also the day to think about what we’re all thankful for.  I’m thankful for a lot, but one thing that tops my list is all my great fans and readers.  Thanks for continuing to love and read about Mallory. 

Have a great turkey day!

Laurie Friedman

P.S.  If you’re looking for some fun holiday reading, check out Thanksgiving Rules.

Thanksgiving Rules

Playing favorites!

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Hi Everybody,

Thanks to all of you who wrote in to let me know which Mallory book is your favorite.  I especially like Suhani’s answer . . . she said she likes all of them! 

Special thanks to Anne Marie, Kayla, Gabi, Chloe, Sanjana, Mallory, Alexis, Samantha, Prabhleen, Jino, Courtney, Mallory M., Caitlin and Carter for all the nice mail.

Keep reading and if you haven’t seen the latest Mallory book,  Mallory in the Spotlight, check it out!

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman

Mallory in the Spotlight

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