To all my amazing readers . . .

Hi Everybody,

To all my amazing readers, I have one thing to say:  THANK YOU AND KEEP READING!  (Sorry, I know that was actually two things!)  Big thanks to all of you who keep writing in and telling me how much you love reading about Mallory.  Special thanks to Mallory B. (Of course, I love your name!), Maya, Megan, Carter, Ella, Aishah and Laura for your nice letters.  Thanks for being such special fans! 

I hope you’ll all keep reading!

Talk to you soon,

Laurie Friedman

12 Responses to “To all my amazing readers . . .”

  1. Carter Says:

    So you got my letter? That is so so so cool! (Hence the 3 times?) Will you write back? That would be so so so amazing! AHH! Laurie B. Friedman got my letter…how did you enjoy my drawings? Please write back!!!

  2. Mallory M Says:

    Hi! My name is Mallory. I am 8 years old. I am in 3rd grade at Fairfield East Elementary in Ohio. I love your books! I was so excited that the books had my name in the titles. The first one I read was Happy Birthday, Mallory! I got it for my 7th birthday! My favorite book is Heart to Heart with Mallory. I just finished it! I can’t wait to read the rest!

    Your Friend,

  3. Suhani Says:

    Dear Mrs.Freidman
    Hi!I am a big fan of your Mallory books!Whenever I would go to the library,I would always look for Mallory books!I finished the whole series!When are you going to write a new Mallory book?I wish I never finished the series.Please write a new Mallory book!I have been recommending them to all my friends!
    I love ur Mallory series!


  4. samantha Says:

    I really lave the book campfire Mallory i have read it 7 times in a row i really love your books their really good books.

    love your fan Samantha

  5. Alexis C. Says:

    I am alexis, and I love your books! I have only read Step Fourth, Mallory!, I found out about your books when my school librarian told me I should read them, and now i love, love, love them! {Like Mallory and Mary Ann say!} I love to read just like you, and i type my own stories on my laptop and hope to publish someday. Today, i am going to go to the library, and get more Mallory books. I think it’s my favorite series now!

    alexis c.

  6. mallory Says:

    HI! it is mallory b. again i am reading Back to School Mallory and i think when they dressed up as three muskters it was funny thanks for wrighting me back i just saw it today i called my mom righ away she siad it was asome that i was talking to a athuer and i was going to ask you what is you’er faverit book is?


  7. Sanjana Says:

    I love your stories, and i’ve suggusted them this book to read, but i have a suggestion, (sorry i couldn’t find another word) i think you should make a book with mallory a bit older or make her break an arm or make cheeseburger’s real owners find her (if i’m correct i read that mallory found her) Main point: Maybe a cool change.
    I cant wait for your next book after i read this one!

  8. Annemarie, Kayla, and Gabi Says:

    Hello Laurie,
    We are 3rd graders in Mrs. Lundgren’s reading class. Your books are great, and we think you should write more of them. We have read most of them in our library, and they are super great! Our favorite books are: Mallory vs. Max, Honestly, Mallory, Red, White and Blue Mallory, and Back to School Mallory.

    We like your picture on your website. We like Chester and Cheeseburger. Your books are really funny, and we like all the trouble Mallory gets into. But we also like how things work out in the end for her.
    Annemarie, Kayla, and Gabi

  9. Harjot Says:

    Hi Laurie,
    I’m a fifth grader in Artesian Drive
    and I love love love your books,
    I also believe that you should add a change,like Mallory has different diffucaltes, maybe like with her parents?
    But, anyways, you’re amazing!
    Love love love,

  10. Brandi,Kayla,Annemarie Says:

    Hi, This is Brandi, Kayla, And Annemarie we miss you haha we never seen you we are hyper today sorry but yeah and a sad thing is that Brandi is moving to Ohio. We have mnms for snack well thats what Brandi haves. We are all soo upset that Brandi is moving but she is moving back in a couple of mounths. It will prouble be 4 or 5 mounths.But we all had a good time together and we all will always remember each other in are hearts. We are all sad that Brandi is moving to Ohio:( we love how she makes those sad and smiley faces.

  11. annemarie Says:

    hi laurie I love your books I have read honestly mallory and red,white and true blue mallory.they are very good. by.

  12. Catlover21 Says:

    Hey Lauren,
    I love your books!!! THEY ARE AWESOME!!! Also, my best friend read your books last year so I thought I should too! So I did! And by the way you visted our school last year IT SO COOL COOL COOL!! But I can’t tell you what my school is because I’m on online and it’s REALLY DANGEROUS! So yeah our school signature is P.T.E! I hope you remember the school I saw you! So yeah my signature name is Cario! So well bye LOVE LOVE LOVE your books!


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