Let’s Get Patriotic!

Hi Everybody,

July 4 is almost here and it’s time to get patriotic!  If you’re looking for something to read that goes along with the theme, try Red, White and True Blue Mallory.  It’s Mallory’s travel journal from her class trip to our nation’s capital . . . Washington D.C.  You can go along with her as she tours the museums and monuments and of course, stick by her side when her best friend forgets to (I don’t want to say too much or I’ll give away the plot!).   I hope you have a fun holiday and lots of fun reading!

Red, White & True Blue Mallory

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman 

 P.S.  Sarah and Michelle both asked me if the things that happen in the books to Mallory are things that happened to me or if I make everything up.  The answer is a little of both.  I love writing about things that happened to me when I was Mallory’s age and I also love using my imagination.  Thanks to both of you for writing and for asking such a good question!

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