Mallory Goes Green

Hi Everybody,

Happy Earth Day!  I’m proud of all of you who have been doing your parts to go green.  I hope you had as much fun doing it as Mallory did in Mallory Goes Green. 

Keep reading (and recycling!)

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman

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  1. kelly Says:

    For Earth Day I planted trees and plants and went around the neighborhood picking up trash.And giving people recycling bakets and I come and pick the up and take them to the recycling center My school and I have been collecteing paper and reusing it.

  2. kelly Says:

    Mallory Goes Green is the best book that I ever read and that was the insperation that told me and gave me and idea that I should start a Go Green Club and the school has said yes so I have a lot of people who have come.

  3. julissa miralda Says:

    dear,laurie friedman i was thinking about something my parents want me to move i dont wanna cause i will miss my friends please write bac (p.s what should i do)

  4. julissa miralda Says:

    my parent are telling me but i dont wanna me to move its not fair bye i loooooovvvvvveeeeee alllllll your boooks

  5. Alice Says:

    Hi i love your books i read back to school mallory, honestly mallory and i am looking forward to happy birthday mallory. i cant find your books, so i am trying my best to catch up.


  6. faith Says:


  7. Aleeya Says:

    i can what to read mallory gose green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Yajaira GARCIA Says:

    I love your books I can not wait until I read Mallor goes green i bet it will be great like the rest of the series.

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