I.L.S. (Short for I Love Summer!)

Hi Everybody,

I hope you’re all having a great summer.  I know I am.  I love summer!  

Here’s a special thanks to everyone who has written lately, especially Samantha, Mallory, Gracie, and Karishma (Happy Birthday to you!) for all your questions and comments.

Mallory asked me where she can find the Mallory books in Texas and how Cheeseburger got her name.  

Here are some answers:  You can find the Mallory books in any state at any book store.  If the store doesn’t have them in stock, just ask them to order them for you.  And cheeseburgers are one of my favorite foods (so I bet you can guess where she got her name!

I hope you keep having lots of summer fun!

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman 


9 Responses to “I.L.S. (Short for I Love Summer!)”

  1. Manvitha Says:

    Hi Laurie!
    I love the Mallory books! Have you ever thought of making the books into a movie? Please do! This is an idea for a Mallory book:
    Mallory fakes sick so she can stay home and play with a new video game
    ( toy, t.v show, book, etc. ) she just bought. Either her mom wants to take her to the doctor, or Max finds out and threatens to tell the truth if she doesen’t. Good idea?

  2. Ana Says:

    Hi Laurie hope you are having an awesome summer i was wondering were my parents could buy me all of your books for a low price and hard cover or paper back i am really inspired since the day u came to my school village green elementary .



  3. Carina Says:

    I love your books you write about mallory. I already read two. Well i am reading one now.

    Carina Torlucci

  4. Mallory Says:

    How old is she


  5. lake Says:

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like so wish I was mallory! She rocks and is so cool! Mary Ann seems like she is super nice! Laurie, hurry You on that next book!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just finished camp fire mallory! I love you laurie!!!!!!!
    You are the best author EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Brianna Says:

    dear laurie,
    hi um i love ur books and all but heh um how about this idea, when mallory got in 5th, or 6th grade theres an school dance and joey ask her to dance at the dance and um well (im embarressed to tell u this) when there comes the slow dance they became closer and kissed, and became boyfriend and girlfreind…. im very embarressed to tell u my idea. so if u like it or not i just dont care.

    brianna age 12 (becomeing 13!!!!!)

  7. Kensey Says:

    Oh my gosh I am actually the awesomest carectar in the world ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean I love Honestly Mallory. Its like the awesomest book so far I am glad your in the book!

  8. Kensey Says:

    Oh and another thing will you make some thing into a movie? Here is an idea:
    Mallory thinks that everybody wont call her back because she thinks that everybody is avoiding her so, she trys to call mary ann but, she doesn’t answer. And joey doesn’t either. Who would she call would she have to play with Max or will she have to avoid her friends back?
    My solution was that she would have to see that Joey was avoiding her or not. And joey says no.
    Then mary ann comes and she asks her and she says no. Cause every body was on there summer vacation and they just got back!! That should be a movie. Here should be the title:
    Don’t avoid your friends mallory!

  9. Andrea Says:

    Omg Laurie i love your mallory books!!!!!!!!!!! i have an idea for a book so the problem is that mallory and mary ann get in a fight for some reason so then they went to school and mary ann starts dating C-L0 she said it was reveange for mallory so then malloey gets really angry with mary ann and doesnt talk to her for about 2 or 3 weeks when mary ann is over the fight cause she won i guess so then C-Lo breaks up with mary ann cause he likes mallory but deep down mallory also wanted to stop the fight when c-lo asks mallory out shes like sorry c-lo i would but i wouldnt like to do that to my beast friend and then they are like bffs again

    oh and ps well mallory says no to c-lo she could also be like” sorry c-lo i would never do that to my best friend and plus i really dont like you anymore”

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