First things first . . .

Hi Everybody!

First things first . . . I want to thank all of you who keep writing in!  To Kylie, Steph, Sai, Nani, Sundus, Teresa, Julia, Katie, Stephanie, and Allison:  Thanks so much for all the great mail.  I love hearing from each and every one of you and I’m so glad that you like reading about Mallory.

Now, time for a few more things.

PODCASTS:  If you click on podcasts on the upper right-hand corner of my blog, you can hear an interview with me about my new book which is coming out this fall called Thanksgiving Rules!  It is a funny picture book about a boy who loves to eat on Thanksgiving.  I hope you will all read it.

BOOK SIGNINGS:  For those of you who live in Miami, I will be signing and reading from Red, White, and True Blue Mallory next Saturday, June 13 at 11 at Books & Books on Lincoln Road, South Beach.  I hope you can come!

SUMMER READING:  If you are looking for something fun to read this summer, check out the latest Mallory book, Red, White and True Blue Mallory or try Campfire Mallory.

 Red, White & True Blue Mallory


Have fun reading!

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman 

6 Responses to “First things first . . .”

  1. eva Says:

    Hi , i just wan to know is malory next book coming about and what is it about please reply .

  2. Samantha Says:

    Hi Ms. Friedman I really like the mallory books my friend said you gave her some mallory bookmarks and one mallory calender for free. i longed to have one too. My favorite book is Max V.S. mallory and campfire Mallory. I’m looking forward on all of the new mallory books. I remembered you send me a email but i can’t find it anymore. Please send me another email. Thanks

  3. Laurie Says:

    Hi Eva and Samantha,
    Thanks for writing!

    The next Mallory book that is coming out is called Happy New Year, Mallory! It is about Mallory’s winter reunion with her camp friends and something big (and kind of scary) happens to her. It will be out later this summer. I hope you’ll both read it.

    Thanks again for being such great fans!

  4. Mallory Says:

    Hi i love reading your books i have every singal one! whrn i first started reading i looked at the cover of “Mallory on the move” and notcied her name is Mallory well so is mine!

  5. Mallory Says:

    your books are so good right now i am reading red white & true blue Mallory and next i will be reading Mallory on board then campfire Mallory i just have to say that your books are #1

  6. Mallory Says:

    Hi i love reading your books they are just the right level for me.

    and i will be reading your books all summer long and l looked on

    the cover of back to school Mallory and i noticed that her name is Mallory

    just like mine. Isn’t that cool?

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