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More great questions + a new word!

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Hi Everybody!

Thanks so much for writing!  So many of you are sending me so many great questions.  Here are some more answers:

Saleema asked if Mallory wants a little sister.  The answer is that I’m sure she would like having one, but I’m not sure that she’s going to get one.  I’m giving it a lot of thought.  Maybe one day! 

 Elinanner asked if I would write about Mallory and her friendships.  The answer to that question is YES.  The two books that are out this year, Red, White, and True Blue Mallory and Happy New Year, Mallory! (which is coming out this fall) are all about Mallory and her relationships with her friends.

Allison asked if Mallory books come in boxed sets.  Unfortunately, they don’t yet.  Maybe one day soon.

Emily asked if I am planning to write about Mallory when she becomes a teenager.  I am seriously thinking about writing about her when she goes to middle school.  If that sounds like something you’d like to read, please let me know!!!

 And last but not least, Emily taught me an amazing new word: SWIZZLE.  She made it up and it means cool, sweet, awesome and so on.  It is personally my new favorite word.  Emily, thanks so, so, so much for sharing it with me.  It is so swizzle! 

Thanks again to all of you for writing.

Talk to you soon!


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