To Alison

This is a special letter to Alison who got my address off the website and wrote me the nicest letter.  I didn’t have your return address so I wanted to put a little note on the blog.  I hope you see it.

Thanks so much for writing!  I’m so glad you still like the Mallory books and I hope you’ll read them all.  Unfortunately, they don’t come in a boxed set.  Maybe some day.

Thanks again for writing and keep reading!
Laurie Friedman 

2 Responses to “To Alison”

  1. stephanie Says:

    Can you ever write to me?

  2. Andrea Says:

    I envy Alison!!! I wish Laurie would write to me!!! But an author answered my question at school!!!

    Andrea R.
    P.S. the author was Steve Cotler the author of Chesie Mack.

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