Answers to your questions!

Hi Everybody!

Thanks to all of you who keep writing.  So many of you ask so many good questions. To Molly, Han, Ashley, Hannah, Jonalene, Saleema, and Eva:  I’m so glad you all like Mallory so much.  Here are some answers to some of your questions.

Molly asked where I got the name Molly in Campfire Mallory.  Molly was my great grandmother’s name and I have always loved it.

Ashley asked if I ever want to be one of my characters.  The answer to that is sometimes I’d like to be Mallory, sometimes I’d like to be Mary Ann, and sometimes I would like to be Winnie.  It just depends on the day.

Saleema asked what Mallory wants to be when she grows up.  That is a great question, but unfortunately I don’t know the answer.  Anyone have any ideas?

Eva asked if I am planning to write more books about more characters and the answer to that is yes, definitely!

That’s it for now.  Thanks for all the great questions.

Keep reading and writing!

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman

10 Responses to “Answers to your questions!”

  1. molly Says:

    last wenesday i got 3 mallory books-campfire mallory,step fourth mallory,and red whit and true blue mallory. I can only read so much each night because i could rea them all in 1 night but i dont.are you writing any books right now?

  2. Emily Says:

    Umm, how do i ask questions??? Anyways since i dont know i will just write my question here!!! : ) I joined the Mallory fan club!!! It RoCkS!!!!! :)

    Question: Are you working on writing any books write now? If so WHat are they GOing to be called? What are they going to be about?

  3. Alison Says:

    Laurie Friedman,

    I love these books, and I want all of them for my birthday this year. Can you tell me if they are for sale together in a boxed set, and if so, where can I find them? Thanks so much!

  4. Elinanner Says:

    My little sister is in love with your books. She is seven, and reads every one from cover to cover over and over. I really want to make her a big surprise for her birthday, and I think a great one would be if the author of her favorite books came to our school. It I got permission, would you be able to come in September?

    Love Always,

  5. elinanner Says:

    Hi! my name is Elinanner and i just wanted to say that you write great books, but i think that you should write a book about mallory and her friendship problems, because that is what kids worry about most. Thanks for reading!
    love always,

  6. Saleema Says:

    Dear Mrs.Friedman ,
    I was wondering,will Mallory ever want a baby sister? how will she like it? I have a baby sister and she is very fun. Just wondering ….


  7. Saleema Says:

    Bt the ways which bookshop in china sells your books? _Saleema

  8. Ashley Says:

    omg i love your books in fact i’m reading one of them now

  9. Natalie Says:

    Hi I am the biggest fan that you will ever met I will tell you a little about me as you now my name is Natalie I am only 10 years old I am in fifth grade but really small every one makes fun of me so I have a 2 questions they are may you come to my school and tell my class about you and ever thing I will appricat it and my ather question is I will really like some book of your informacin

  10. andrea Says:

    who are all the characters in campfire mallory book

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