Thanks for being fans!

Hi Everybody!

I’ve gotten so much great mail from so many of you.  as Mallory would say:  Thanks!  Thanks!  Thanks!  I say thanks too!  I love hearing from each and every one of you.

A couple of personal notes to some fantastic fans:

Molly:  As of now, I’m not planning to write a Christmas book, but I did write Happy New Year, Mallory and it is coming out next year.  As for surprises, there are lots of them in store for Mallory.  keep reading! 

Charlena:  Angel Girl is different than the books you mentioned.  I hope you will read it and let me know what you think.

Maddie:  Your stories sound great!  If you think your school is interested in having me visit, you can ask your teacher to look on the Mallory website for the information. 

Tori:  Thanks for being such a great fan and for all your nice mail:  The “B” in Laurie B. Friedman stands for Baim which was my last name before I got married.

Jocelyn:  I’m so glad you liked Campfire Mallory and I hope you like Step Fourth, Mallory just as much.  Let me know!

Megan:  I’m thrilled you liked Honestly, Mallory.  I hope you’ll keep reading Mallory books. 

Everybody:  Here’s a little bit about how the blog works:  If you write to me, just look at the entry that you left your comment on, and that is where you will find my response. 

Thanks to everyone for writing!  You rock!!!

Talk to you soon,


12 Responses to “Thanks for being fans!”

  1. Charlena Says:

    Guess what? My school libaray is getting angel girl. I am so excited.

  2. molly Says:

    hi its molly i just love reading mallory books!

  3. molly Says:

    Dear laurie,

    Are you writing a book now? I cant wait until the next one comes out! Well please write me back! YOUR BIGGEST FAN MOLLY!!!!!

  4. molly Says:

    i have a question laurie could it be possible you would make a movie out of mallory?? that would be awsome!!!

  5. Laurie Says:

    Hi Charlena and Molly,
    I’m so glad you like the books. I don’t know if there will be a Mallory movie, but I think it would be really cool if that happened. Thanks for writing and keep reading!

  6. Isabella Says:

    Dear Laurie,
    I’m Isabella, your biggest Mallory fan! I wanted to know if you were writing any more books about Mallory. I finished all of them!

  7. tiana Says:

    you should put mallory on tv or dvd have you thought about that everytime I go in our school or public library I have to get a mallory book well keep on reading

  8. eni Says:

    I just love the mallory books she is always on big adventures i just finished the last book step fourth mallory are you writing any more mallory books?if you are can you write back if you are going to write more can you put me in it my name is eni akinniyi please please please i like saying things three times and i think you are so pretty you and mallory ok bye

  9. calista Says:

    Hi, I have read the book Mallory Back on Board and I thought it was great. I can not wait to read mare Mallory books. P.S. You are a great author

  10. gaveAmber Says:

    Hi I LOVE YOURE BOOKS!!! My older sister Amanda gave me the book Mallory on the move. I CANT BELIVE THAT SHE ONLY READ HALF OF IT BECAUSE IT IS A REALLY ASUM BOOK!!! I read it all beggining to end!!! It was the Asum!!! I LOVED IT!!! The books I read were Mallory on the Move. Right Now I am reading in bussness with Mallory so far it is ASUM!!! I checked it out from my school. I also checked out honestlly Mallory when I am done reading in bussness with Mallory then I am going to read Honistlly Mallory.I think that Honistlly Mallory is going to be ASUM!!! Then when I am done reading both of those books I will read all the other books. I think all the other books will be ASUM!!!

  11. Laurie Says:

    Thanks so much for the nice letter. I’m so glad you liked Mallory on the Move. I hope you like In Business with Mallory and Honestly, Mallory just as much. Let me know!

  12. Bari Z Says:

    Dear Ms. Freidman,
    All of your Mallory books are magnificent. I have read two and they are “In Business with Mallory” and “Mallory on the Move.” When I read them, I feel like it is so real. My friend got me into these Mallory books and I am so glad she did. She has read many of the books and I hope I can convince my other friends to read them too.

    Thank you for writing them and you have a great imagination.
    Your reader,

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