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Hi and Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Hi Everybody,

I hope you’re all getting ready for a super turkey day!  I love Thanksgiving and I hope all of you do too.  It is such a yummy holiday!

Thanks to all of you for all of the great mail.  Tiana, Judith, Charlena, Molly,and Isabella . . . thanks for being such great fans!  I’m so glad you all like the Mallory books.  I know some of you would love to see a Mallory movie or TV show.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Maybe one day there will be one.

For now, have a super happy Thanksgiving!

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman 

A little book report help

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for the great mail.  You all ask such great questions!  Here are some answers and for those of you who need the information for book reports, I hope this helps!

I was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1964.  I have always loved writing stories.  I wrote my first story when I was in 3rd grade.  It was called THE MYSTERY OF THE DARK CELLAR.  I still have it.  As for my plans for Mallory, as of now, there will be 16 books about her.  I don’t know if there will be a Mallory movie.  I would love that!

I hope this answers some of your questions.

Good luck on the book reports!

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman

If you are doing book reports 

Thanks for being fans!

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Hi Everybody!

I’ve gotten so much great mail from so many of you.  as Mallory would say:  Thanks!  Thanks!  Thanks!  I say thanks too!  I love hearing from each and every one of you.

A couple of personal notes to some fantastic fans:

Molly:  As of now, I’m not planning to write a Christmas book, but I did write Happy New Year, Mallory and it is coming out next year.  As for surprises, there are lots of them in store for Mallory.  keep reading! 

Charlena:  Angel Girl is different than the books you mentioned.  I hope you will read it and let me know what you think.

Maddie:  Your stories sound great!  If you think your school is interested in having me visit, you can ask your teacher to look on the Mallory website for the information. 

Tori:  Thanks for being such a great fan and for all your nice mail:  The “B” in Laurie B. Friedman stands for Baim which was my last name before I got married.

Jocelyn:  I’m so glad you liked Campfire Mallory and I hope you like Step Fourth, Mallory just as much.  Let me know!

Megan:  I’m thrilled you liked Honestly, Mallory.  I hope you’ll keep reading Mallory books. 

Everybody:  Here’s a little bit about how the blog works:  If you write to me, just look at the entry that you left your comment on, and that is where you will find my response. 

Thanks to everyone for writing!  You rock!!!

Talk to you soon,


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