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Thanks for the mail!

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Hi Everybody,

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer.  I know I am!  One of the reasons I’m enjoying it is because of all the great email and snail mail I’ve gotten from all of you.  

Nohemi, Sumiyah, and Taryn, thanks for the nice comments!

Hannah, you ask really good questions and here are some answers:

I started writing when I was in 3rd grade and I started writing the Mallory books about six years ago.  I get my ideas from lots of places:  things that happened to me when I was growing up, things that happen to my kids, and i like to make up a lot of stuff too!

To all my snail mail writers:  many thanks for your letters!  They are so much fun to read and I love looking at all of your great drawings (especially the pictures of Mallory). 

To everyone, keep reading, keep writing, and most of all . . . have a great summer!

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman  


Happy Summer!

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Hi Everybody,

I don’t know if you can say “Happy Summer!” but it sounds kind of like “Happy Birthday!”  Now that summer is here, there are lots of reasons to be happy like the beach, the pool, time with friends, and for lots of you, summer camp.  If you’re looking for a book about camp, check out Campfire Mallory.  

Mallory goes to camp with all her friends.  I hope you have as much fun reading about her days at Camp Blue Lake as I had writing about them.

I hope all of you have a very happy summer!

Talk to you soon!
Laurie Firedman


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