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Hi Everybody!

I told you a little bit about my trip to Minneapolis, but I didn’t tell you everything.  While I was there, not only did I read and sign books at the Target Book Festival, but I also went to visit my publisher, Lerner Books.  Harry Lerner, the man who started the company, took me on an awesome tour of their book bindery and distribution center.

The book bindery is where the books are put together after they are printed.  The distribution center is where the books are stored until they are shipped off to schools and stores and libraries.  I’ve never seen so many books!

Here are some pictures.


I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the tour.

Talk to you soon!

Laurie Friedman

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  1. Kadija Says:

    Hi, Ms.Friedman,I have a project about you and i can’t find any information. Can you please e-mail me back before next week(project due date).I’d like to know your middle name,a timeline of some exciting dates,and your e-mail address.

    Talk to you soon,Kadija
    Please contact me before 4/30/2011

  2. Aryana Says:

    All the girls in my class last year loved your books including me
    i am going to read your 2 last books soon.Please email me back

    - Aryana

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